• Data Projects

    GreenInfo Network, Odyssey.js

    SF Nature Mapping Project

    Founded project to connect San Franciscans with nature using online maps

    Mapping Wikipedia

    Connecting Atlantans to their history by mapping Wikipedia articles

    Atlanta in 50 Places (hover for emojis and click for the Wikipedia article)

    SF Parking Bubble

    Map of parking lots/garages today and a chart of types of parking spaces

    A prediction on the future of those spaces if San Franciscans ditch their cars

    OpenStreetMap @Facebook

    Adding open-sourced mapping data for countries around the world

    Street Views

    Best Views on Streets in SF

    Soda Taxes Bubble Up

    D3 visualization of soda taxes around the world (by population size)

    Torque map of soda taxes over time

    Traditional map of soda taxes with key information on each tax


    Maps with Soundtracks

    Hardly Strictly Bluegrass Festival

    Listen to songs from the artists who have performed at HSB Festival the most, and see where the artists hail from


    Atlanta, As Rapped by Outkast

    Listen to 14 Outkast songs about Atlanta and see the places in Atlanta that Outkast mentions the most in their songs


    Stargazing Sites around SF

    A playlist for your next stargazing adventure while you explore the stargazing sites for beginners around the Bay Area



    Where I'm From


    Recommendations for visiting Atlanta


    Where I am


    Excellent destinations in San Francisco


    Where I'm Going


    Places I Plan to Visit Around the World


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